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Afton’s Nightmare opens a dark survival adventure game where you have to run away from the malicious animatronic mascots once again. These robotic creatures don’t have any hearts! They keep chasing you down and wanting to wipe you out of their territory. If you have no plans to cope with them, you will meet your doom as well. Like other FNAF games, you have to watch the movements of the robots by using the camera monitors and try to use the equipment around you or even interact with the environment in order to fend off these enemies. If you do not want to get caught, just hide under the desks! You should also prepare an escape plan so you can get away from these mascots before they approach your place. Just make sure that if you let them catch you, it will be a game over for you instantly. Can you survive the Afton’s Nightmare and stay alive until the end? Join it right now!