Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Guide

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 Guide

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Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a popular horror adventure game in which the players have to face their fears and experience the real panic feelings. Beating all the challenges in the game is the dream of most of the players. However, nothing is impossible! There are still many useful tips and guides that the players need to check out before starting their own epic challenge. Let’s learn all the information relating to animatronics, nights, rooms and much more in the game now!

Tips for dealing with challenges and reducing stress

With these tips, you will find it very easy to handle all the challenges as well as decrease the stressful state that you are facing in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 game.

Honking the nose of Toy Freddy – You will see a poster on the left wall in your office illustrating the 3 toy animatronics appearing above the text “ celebrate” if you click the mouse over there and click the nose of Toy Freddy, you will hear a honking sound. Most of the players will utilize this tip to reduce their stress and ignore the threat.

Do not check all the cameras – On night 3 in the game, you shouldn’t go check all the cameras just to make sure that you are following all the animatronics. You are supposed to sometimes check only the prize corner (cam 11), the vents (cam 5 and 6). Neglect the Mangle if you see him in that corner. If you hear BB laughing or uttering “hi”, “hello”, just feel free to neglect it unless it is including the hitting noises which implies that something has just got into the vents. If the enemies already arrive at the vents, you should check on the lights more frequently. If you feel stressful and make an effort to search for them, they probably have not even walked, meaning you’re wasting too much time. You can totally save more battery for your flashlight with this tip as well.

Animatronic – Freddy

Outside Appearance:
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Guide In the second version, the appearance of Freddy looks different a little bit. The game claimed that this animatronic has been through an endeavored modification, yet he was incomplete after the management decided to create Toy Freddy. His general appearance is unaltered, but there are still diminutive differences that we can find, such as the buttons appearing on his chest, the stitching under his arms can be seen more clearly. The most outstanding point could be the damage on the arms which is the same as Foxy’s, exposing some of the parts of his endoskeleton.

About his face, he is equipped with upper teeth, the head seems blockier a little bit, no more freckles on his face, and the eyebrows look thinner. The upper lips contain the a game in the middle, along with the deeper eyes in the mask.
When standing next to other animatronics, seemingly, Freddy is the biggest. He’s probably as tall as the others when inclining towards the player.

 Zone: Freddy will begin his movement throughout night 2, and then he turns passive until the night 3. Freddy commences with other ancient animatronics in the location called Parts/ Service room before heading towards the main hall. After that, he will move to the Party room 3 to gaze into the camera, prior to standing in the lobby outside the office.

Actions: Different from Bonnie and Chica, Freddy doesn’t seem to be active much, but he shows his actions in the same demeanor. Freddy doesn’t turn active until the night 3. He will move down to the entrance of the lobby, and he will get into the office through the entrance.
When he already arrives at the office, the players move down the monitor, showing Freddy standing in front of the desk when the lights glimmer without ceasing prior he disappears. The player is forced to wear the Freddy Mask on once seeing Freddy, doing that will help them dodge the forthcoming death. If you delay or neglect to wear the mask, the screen will turn dark, and he will come back to destroy the player after that. If the mask were already put on, he would have to get rid of the mask and finish the night.

Animatronic – Bonnie

Outside appearance:
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 GuideIn the second chapter, Bonnie will also show a discrepant design. There are two buttons on the chest, the face has been nearly completely removed, only the jaw exists, showing more teeth and his left arm is entirely cut.
He wears a shabby suit, revealing the legs, and the loose wires. Also, his right hand and the left foot don’t have any covers, which exposes his endoskeleton. His stomach seems larger. The game explains that this brand new appearance is an endeavored modification of the ancient animatronics taking place, prior to being removed for Toy models.

Action: Different from the initial game, seemingly, Bonnie fulfills a stable pattern. He will begin his movement at night 2, then he turns passive until night 3. He will move with other enemies in the parts/service room then move to the main hall. Then, he heads toward the lobby located outside the office. Moving on, he will transfer to the Left Air Vent so that he can reach the office, totally crossing the blind spot of the left air vent.

When being in the office, and the monitor is moved down, Bonnie will appear in front of the desk when the lights keep flickering prior he disappears. Wearing the Freddy Mask will help the player dodge the coming death, so you must put it on no matter what. If you postpone or ignore to wear the mask, your screen will get a power cut, and then the enemy will come back in order to kill you. If the mask was already worn, he would have to get rid of it and finish the night.

Bonnie turns extremely active, particularly on the subsequent nights. While you can catch sight of him in the main hall, Bonnie can reach the office very fast through the left air vent, making the players lose their attention. Similar to other animatronics, using the flashlight can make him move slower or even roam around.

Animatronic – Chica

Outside appearance:
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 GuideThe design of Chica has been dramatically changed, and this could be because of the endeavored modification and the later forsaking of the ancient models.
From the beginning, her female features have been decreased, as a consequence, she seems more bisexual. Her body probably has very little changes, the most outstanding change could be the head zone. Her eye sockets are now bigger than the eyes, and no eyebrows on them.

She has a reformed beak and it isn’t considered as the part of the head, it looks like a jaw that you have seen on Bonnie and Freddy before. Her beak can even make her a real chicken, along with more teeth on the upper and lower beak.

Seemingly, she is incapable of moving her arms down to her side, as each example of her has them lifted up and extended just like she is T-posed. Nevertheless, when she turns up at the right air event, you can see that she’s still able to lift them up, yet probably she is forced to lift the arms up due to the diminutive space.

Actions: Different from FNaF 1, Chica sticks to a set path. She will begin her movement on night 2; then she turns passive until night 3. Along with other ancient animatronics, she will also begin in the parts/ service room, and then she heads to the party room 2, party room 3 and end up appearing at the right air vent. When she is at this place, similar to Bonnie, she will totally get past the blind spot of the vent and get into the office while you move up the monitor.

While being in the office, and the player moves down the monitor, Chica will turn up in the front of the desk, as the lights in the office keep gleaming prior she disappears. Wearing the Freddy Mask once seeing Chica is a must-do, if you do that, you will dodge the coming death. Don’t try to postpone or ignore to wear the mask. Otherwise, the screen will get very dark, and she will make a comeback annihilate the player for sure. She would have to get rid of the mask and finish the night of the mask if the mask was put on already.

Stick with us to check out more tips and guides for beating all the challenges in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! More tips will come out sooner!

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