Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Meet the animatronics

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 Meet the animatronics

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Beating the challenges in Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 is not easy at all! Have you prepared good tactics to deal with the animatronics and other dreadful nights? It’s time for you to check out the use guide below relating to the info of the enemies, their patterns and so on. Hopefully, these tips will help you survive until the end of the game!

The information of animatronics


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Male
Springtrap is the principal antagonist in the third chapter, and he probably is an animatronic bunny. This is the main enemy that can destroy you. Through all what Phone Guy informs, you can find Springtrap on night 2 then you can unravel the reason why he is available in night 1. You can see him in a teaser, along with a text like this “ I am still here”, which can explain that he was available in the initial and the second game. But you didn’t know where he was, right? There are some of the theories considering that he appeared in the kitchen in the first game, and was behind a certain balloon in the prize corner in the second game. In the final mini-game, he is considered to turn up in the family dinner of Fredbear. In addition, the final mini-game claims that Purple Guy is stuffed inside of Springtrap.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Male
Phantom Freddy could be an animatronic bear, and he is said to be the similar one in the parts/service room in the second game. However, according to other theories, they say that this is probably Golden Freddy. He starts his movement through the lobby at a slow speed. If you want to stop him, just bring up the rebooting menu or check on the camera, and don’t look at him. This will develop the chance that this enemy can be Phantom Freddy that you probably already met in the second game, because in that game, your game can be crashed if you stare at him too much. And in this third chapter, looking at him for too long will make you experience the jumpscare done by hum. Therefore, rebooting the system is the thing you should do. In addition, similar to all the animatronics, excluding Phantom Chica and Springtrap, this one is Freddy model coming from FNaF 2.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Male
Phantom Foxy doesn’t have a full right arm, a part of it is missing. The players can find the hook familiar; it’s from the toy animatronic parts box. Probably, this could be a reason explaining what he keep standings nearby the box when he is about to give you his jumpscare, to take back his missing hook. Some of the theories say that you will get jumpscared if you look at him via the cameras for too long. You just look to the left of the office to beat off this Phantom Foxy. If he is there, just look to the right and lift the monitor very fast. And you will be safe when placing it back down.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Female
Phantom Chica is a female animatronic chicken, and she is said to be so burnt. It’s really hard to realize how to prevent her. Besides Springtrap, she’s another animatronic that has a newer model, which is from a model in the first game.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Male
Phantom BB is a humanoid animatronic, and his size is the most diminutive in the entire of the game. He is also considered as the second most burnt animatronic after Chica. Seemingly, BB is finally back to the game, but now he probably won’t immobilize your cameras and rebooting menu. He will perform a jumpscare in this game. If you want to beat him, you should place your camera back down as fast as possible once seeing him. Doing so will make him leave the office.


Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Meet the animatronicsGender: Male
Phantom Marionette is the dirty animatronic puppet; now he returns in a form of the phantom. So no need to wind the music box anymore! In fact, he won’t launch his attack to you. He can be known as a hallucination. If you want to beat him, you just quickly check Cam 09, and you rarely see a non-burnt marionette at the end of the lobby. But when you place the camera down, the lights will glimmer, and the marionette will pop up in front of you. It will extend for around 14 seconds, the vanish after that. Rebooting a system is needed here.

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