FNAF World Free Download

FNAF World Free Download

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The full version of FNaF World (including the first update) can be found here.

In FNaF World download, you will have the chance to see the scary animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s series. FNaF World is the spin-off with the funny battles against the evil robots. You will control and help the monsters in an animated adventure.

There are 40 playable characters in this fantastic FNaF World. Not only that, you can explore lots of challenges, difficulties with multiple endings. Besides, you can enjoy the great soundtrack composed by artist Leon Riskin. FNaF World download will be the music party in which you manage Freddy and his buddies’ actions. Lead your clan to search the source of these monsters and bring back what it uses to be created as a safe place.

Download Information

Version: 0.1.0 | Size: 225 MB

DOWNLOAD FNAF World Demo at here

Be careful! There is something dangerous behind the curtain pulling the strings.

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Tips for beginners in FNAF World free download

Maybe you will need these tips for characters when playing FNaF World Free Download.


Bytes are the small animatronic character can help you much in the FNaF World. Once you earn enough Faz Tokens, you can buy them from Lolbit, who is found in several places on the world map. At any time, you will have four Bytes equipped.


In the fight, Chips will show different effects that range from attacking to healing commands. You can find Chips in some treasure chests scattering around the map. Like Bytes, you can get four Chips at once.

Chips: Chips have different effects in battle, ranging from attacks to healing commands. Find them in treasure chests scattered around the world map. You can have four chips equipped at one time.

Aside from the guides for those characters, we also have some unusual commands in the FNAF World download battle. You can know that:


Birthday can increase speed, attack and defense temporarily. It is very helpful in the starting stage of the FNaF World game.


Waterhose will help you kill the enemy under 30% health instantly.


Giftboxes are used as the effective tool to revive the team members. You should put them at the feet of each one. When your character dies, it will automatically re-spawn them with the full power.

Hot Cheese

Hot Cheese is the weapon in FNAF World free download you can place them on the floor. They can damage the enemies.


Unscrew can give you 30% chance of instant death to an enemy.

Esc Key

Use Esc Key to increasing the chance of death for all enemies on screen.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box can change all of the members of your team into random characters. They can return after the battle ends.

Prize Ball

Prize Ball is the weapon to perform a random attack.


Jumpscare in FNAF World free download can make the enemies confused and dizzy for a couple of seconds. But it has the less effect on the bosses.

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FNAF World Free Download

The full version of FNaF World (including the first update) can be found here. In FNaF World download, you will have the

FNAF World Rating From Steam
Positive 87%
This game so amazing!
87 %
User Rating : 3.7 (44 votes)

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