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Fnaf World is a Multiplayer RPG game online which is a spinoff of Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In this title, you will step into a fantasy world dominated by animatronic robots with cute appearances rather than horror looks. The in-game mission is to control your own party of animatronics and let them defeat the enemy robotic gang. The game features a lot of animatronics from FNAF series. You should pick your favorite ones, group them together then form the party before partaking in any battle. Once the battle is kicked off, you should control your party carefully and use the abilities of your animatronics to defeat the opponents. After winning each match, you will earn many tokens that can be used to purchase more upgrades for your characters, and gradually, you can turn them into super powerful robots. Aside from this, feel free to explore this world of Freddy as it also contains some mysteries that are worthy of exploring. Good luck!